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21-27 Jan - Tamworth Services Club

Presented By Starlite Records

Rock'n'Roll like it used to be



The first week of the Tamworth Festival will be jumping! Why? Because Lonnie lee and the Leemen will be rocking at the Services Club Sat 21st through Friday 27th with a very new and exciting show at 10:30 am every day. 



The opening set of this road trip leads us to the days of the original Rock’n’Roll Pioneers. He tells a nostalgic story, visiting the early Rockabilly Elvis and Australia's original Rock’n’Rollers, the first hit makers.



These were the days when teenagers first experienced the freedoms and excitement of having their own music idols to whom they could jive and swing to the beat put out by these young, sexy singers…



Lonnie Lee was one of the first of this new breed. He is Rockabilly’s finest, and there’s no better testament to the quality of his show and the respect he holds for his peers, than to hear him sing the massive hits of his friends and peers.



In the second set, it’s Lee’s natural knack of transforming relatively staid songs, into something spectacularly sexy, with throats-a-rumblin’ and sharp shoulders twitchin’ to the rhythm that will see your body bop and boogie all night long. It’s a gloriously comprehensive set, nodding to the obvious staples plus plenty of more obscure tracks, all delightfully packaged in Lee’s latest tour: Lonnie Lee's Solid Gold.



“My show brings everything into one authentic songbook, which the audiences and I and my band the Leemen, enjoy performing so much,” explains Lee. “I identify with all the songs I sing, as if they’re my own, as they’re close to mine and my audience’s hearts.


Lonnie is very excited about coming back to the Services Club for 2017 so he hope to get to see as many fans and friends as possible and he’s very appreciative of the fact, after so many years, people still come to my shows.


He says, “I also feel blessed to be healthy and able enough to still do what I love the most; and that is to sing!”



Considered to be the ‘Last Man Standing’ of his era.. Sit back and experience the most authentic superstar of the original Rock 'n' Roll era, Lonnie Lee. It does not get any more exciting than this.



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Off Sale Times: The following performances are now off sale through Entertainment Venues. 

Saturday 21 January at 10:30 am - Tickets available at the door

Sunday 22 January at 10:30 am - Tickets available at the door

Monday 23 January at 10:30 am - Tickets available at the door

Tuesday 24 January at 10:30 am - Tickets available at the door

Wednesday 25 January at 10:30 am - Tickets available at the door

Thursday 26 January at 10:30 am - Tickets available at the door

Friday 27 January at 10:30 am - Tickets available at the door




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