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02-04 Jan 2016 - AELEC - Australian Equine & Livestock Events Centre

A Legacy of Legends

ON SALE WEDNESDAY 15 July 2015 - 10 am

Horsemanship clinics will be organised and presented featuring students that exemplify the spirit and ability to communicate a level of horsemanship introduced and taught by Tom and Ray. The Foundation’s goal is to generate funding for scholarships to deserving students in pursuit of a higher level of consciousness in conjunction with the horse. The clinics will be organised and promoted in the spirit of harmony between horse and rider with emphasis on preserving the dignity and well being of the horse while encouraging the rider to achieve a higher level of horsemanship.


The clinics will be presented to the public in a teaching format to continue to generate information and experience to those individuals who have embarked on this style of horsemanship.


Scholarships will be granted to individuals based on their interested and level of ability. An impartial committee will select the individuals to receive scholarships, endeavouring to place them with teachers who share their interests.


The event will be Hosted by Mrs Carolyn Hunt. Classes will be taught by Master Horseman Buck Brannaman (USA). Jaton Lord (USA), Lee Smith (USA) & others presenters include Reata Brannaman (USA), Anthony Desreaux, Brook Hazlett & David Stuart.


By purchasing this ticket you are a spectator (fence sitter) at the clinic only, it does not entitle you to ride in the clinic.

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