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25 & 27 Jan - Cattleman Steakhouse Saloon

Presented By Cattleman Steakhouse

Greg Champion grew up in Hectorville, which is a small but significant part of the City of Campbelltown, a suburb of the South Australian capital, Adelaide.

Beginning in 1983, Champion has appeared on ABC Local Radio as part of the Coodabeens team, singing parodies of popular songs and relating them to Australian rules footballers. 2012 sees the 32nd year of Coobabeens' broadcasting.

Champs (Greg Champion) has written hundreds of songs (many serious, many humorous) and is a multi-awarded country/folk singer, who after being discovered in the Catacombs (a legendary Adelaide folk club of the 1970s), went on to form the band Tidewater before launching a successful solo career.

Champion's highest selling album is the 1996 released Aussie Christmas with Bucko & Champs with Australian country music star Colin Buchanan. Under the moniker Bucko & Champs, their duet 'Aussie Jingle Bells' is a favourite at Christmas time. In 1998, a sequel to 'Aussie Christmas with Bucko & Champs' was released featuring 25 Christmas-themed songs. In 2006, his song 'Been there, done that' rocketed to No. 4 on the Country Music Chart having been released that year as part of The Shack Tapes. In 2009, Greg released his Strayana CD which is proving popular as it epitomises his 'half country, half folk, half comedy' approach to music.

Thursday 25th will be Greg Champion with Jane Saunders, Colin Buchanan and Gary Carruthers

Saturday 27th will be Greg Champion with Jane Saunders, Michael Fix and Gary Carruthers

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